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Katie in her jazz costume for her spring 2001 recital

I go to ballet and jazz classes every week. I used to do tap and acrobatics too, but I'm not studying those right now. The picture is of me in my jazz costume for the spring 2001 recital.

I make lots of things for my family, and I help Mommy with her stitching and beading. I don't like to use patterns as much as Mommy does - I usually just make up my own designs. I enjoyed the special class Stoney Creek sponsored just for Girl Scouts at the 2001 Creative Arts & Textiles Show. Right now I'm stitching a piece from Cattitudes: The Fifth Litter. It has a cat wearing a spiked collar chewing on a bone and the words "Dare to Be Different."

I like making music too. I took piano lessons for three years, and then took voice lessons. I got an ocarina at the Georgia Renaissance Festival a couple of years ago and I like playing it and the ukelele Mommy has from when she was little. The ocarina is sort of like a little round ceramic flute that I can wear on a string like a necklace. It's easier to play than a flute because your fingers don't have to be so long to reach the four holes. I like going to housefilks with Mommy, too.

I like to listen to lots of music. I like most of the Putumayo CDs, especially the Women of the World ones. We have a CD burner and I like making my own custom CD's. I like seeing Mike Rayburn live and listening to his CD's. Other songs I listen to a lot are by:


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