• ArtyCat has created some really nice pictures. I especially like the snow leopards.
  • Live Journal
  • is a neat place where you can post a journal for your friends to read. You can also read your friends' journals.
  • Just for Girls! is a great site whether you're a Girl Scout or not, but it's run by the Girl Scouts
  • Kid's Domain has software reviews by and for kids.
  • Elfwood is a really neat site with lots of cool pictures.
  • All Readers is a neat book search site
  • I guess it's pretty clear from the name what PaganKids.Net is all about
  • DragonMoon is a cool site for young pagan kids
  • Young Pagan Essays has some good advice and other articles
  • Pagan Family Matters
  • DragonRose Adoptions is a really neat place where you can adopt cyber-dragons!
DragonRose Adoptions



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